Dte Ultrasurgery US-II Ultrasonic Bone Cutter With Led Handpiece - Piezosurgery

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Woodpecker - Ultrasurgery US-II Ultrasonic Bone Cutter With Led Handpiece - Ultrasonnic Bone Surgery System

The LED Handpiece insure better vision
Handpiece, cable, tip holder, working tip and torque wrench can be autoclaved under the
High temperature of 135°C and the pressure of 0.22Mpa.
The perfect monitor and alarm function of working process ensures the safety of the machine and surgery.
The function of bone is mainly used for dental surgery, such as dental extraction, bone grafting, osteogenic distraction, endodontic surgery, alveolar nerve decompression, cyst removal, osteoplasty, bone harvesting techniques and periodontic surgery. etc.

Woodpecker ultrasurgery 2 devices and the properties by clicking here you can examine in detail.
Woodpecker ultrasurgery; converting electrical signals into mechanical vibrations by the piezoelectric transducer, fast, and performs a secure osteotomy procedure.System; energy generators and ultrasonic surgical system which provides irrigation operation, handheld unit that provides application and includes bone inserts depending on them.


Through the ultrasonic vibrations, safely without damaging the soft tissue and blood vessels, and performs flawlessly in the bone cutting. It facilitates the healing process of the patient.


Woodpecker is a world leading expert in bone cutting efficiency. The Ultrasurgery US II is easy to operate in all functions and comes with a comprehensive range of hand pieces, tips and accessories.

Woodpecker ultra surgery US II equipped with LED which ensures the better vision is used mainly in oral surgery, plastic surgery, orthopaedics, various types of osteotomy, osteoplasty surgery and bone collection.

1 x Main Unit
2 x LED Handpieces with cord
14 Tips Includes:US1, US2, US3, US1L, US1R, US4, US5, UL1, UL2, UL3, UL4, UL5, UC1, UI2
2 x Tip Holders.
1 x Torque Wrench.
1 x Foot Switch.
1 x Pump connector.
1 x Surgical Tray.
1 x Suit case.
1 x Rod.
1 x connector.