Composite Polishing Paste

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SDI Polishing Paste imparts a mirror like appearance to composites, compomers, amalgams, porcelain, ceramic and gold restorations. The agglomerated primary crystal aluminum oxide particles create a smooth, luminous finish to restoration surfaces.
Fine polishing particles improve the restoration’s lustre for realistic results
Enhances the esthetic finish of all composite and compomer restorations
Imparts a life like gloss without anatomical reduction
Removes the rubber debris from any rubber polishing instruments
The polished resin’s lustre improves wear resistance and the restoration’s longevity
Peppermint flavored palatable taste for patient comfort
Ideal for hygienists’ routine care and re-polishing of composite restorations
Ideal for interproximal use with floss to polish without adversely affecting contact points
Easy to apply and use for consistent results
Efficiently and rapidly polishes, minimizing chair time
Washes off with no residue
Composite restorations
Amalgam restorations
Compomer restorations
Porcelain, ceramic and gold finishing
Polishing Paste Syringe
4g Polishing Paste syringe