Dental Dam Rubberdam Blue

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Dental Dam Rubberdam Blue

Dental Dam is made from pure and natural latex. With its tight and tear-resistant structure, it provides a safe and dry working environment throughout the operation and endodontic procedure.

Dental Dam Latex Medium - Blue
Packaging Type: 152×152 mm, 36 pcs.

Dental Dam Latex Heavy - Blue
Packaging Type: 152×152 mm, 36 pcs.

Obtaining an aseptic working area away from bacteria and saliva during cavity preparation, filling and root canal treatment,
Minimizing the potential transfer of infective agents between dentist and patient,
Protect the dentist from contamination and infections
Patient care of the tools, materials, drugs, irrigation solutions used during the treatment.
Prevention of swallowing and aspiration by
In dental tissues during adhesive applications
humidity control,
Materials used for gingival and oral soft tissues, phosphoric acid, hypochlorite, whitening
protection from the irritation of solutions such as agents,
During certain operative procedures, the gingival margins
In the treatments that should be carried out in the area under the
removal from the operating area,
By removing soft tissues such as lips, tongue and cheeks from the working area,
tissue preservation as well as the opinion of the dentist
increasing the area
More comfortable for the patient during dental treatment
providing a (comfortable) working environment,
Less time spent on treatment,
To ensure the isolation of the oral cavity
More effective and hands-on with the reduction of the attention and control of the dentist and his assistant.
providing employment opportunities,
Keeping the patient's mouth open better and longer, preventing the patient from speaking during the treatment,

Infectious Effect of Rubberdam Use

The rubber-dam application is an effective precautionary mechanism for the physician to reduce the risk of working in an environment that is constantly open to infection.
Aerosols and droplets resulting from the use of aerators usually contain bacteria and blood. These aerosols and droplets prevent infections such as tuberculosis, Covid-19, hepatitis and AIDS.
It creates a potential that allows the passage of
A significant reduction in the number of bacteria in the aerosol is achieved, and thus cross-infection is significantly prevented.