Dentistry Suture, Flap Closure Training Silicon Set - Table Type - Yellow

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It is a comprehensive training set where you can learn 10 different basic surgical sutures, flap closure and ligature applications used in the field of dentistry.

Required for flaps and sutures;

1 suture training pad (one of seven different colors)

1 piece of portuguese

1 collet

1 pair of scissors

1 scalpel handle

6 needles silk surgical thread

2 scalpel tips (no:3)

1 plastic stand with name written (black/white)

2 different colored (blue & white) ligature threads are included in the set.

You can start suturing as soon as you receive the product.

**What will you learn with this set?**

1. Simple suture 2. Continuous suture 3. Continuous locked suture 4. Suspended suture 5. Interrupted circular suture 6. 8-shaped suture 7. Vertical matrix 8. External Horizontal matrix 9. Internal horizontal matrix 10. Membrane fixation sutures 11. Single hand ligature 12. Double hand ligature

**Product Personalization**

The product is used as a great nameplate thanks to its own footrest and is a functional gift. Writing a name is FREE! As seen in the image, the name is written on the left-middle part of the product in yellow on black plastic and in blue on white plastic.

**Product Usage**

There are two main training sections in our product. The first section is the suture and flap closure section. The second part is the ligature part. Surgical instruments required for the 1st part (suture & flap) can be fixed with strong neodymium magnets in special slots on the plastic stand and can be easily taken during use. The silicone pad is fixed on the stand, ready to use. You can easily apply the ligature types on the vascular system with two different colored threads required for the 2nd section (ligatur). Our product is suitable for sewing application in horizontal position. The vertical position is only for visual display and can be used as a nameplate.

**Free Online Education**

Our customers who place orders can participate in our online applied trainings for FREE via "Zoom®" or "Google Meet®" with the serial numbers of the products they buy.

**Box contents**

1 piece of portegu 1 piece of scalpel handle (no:3) 1 piece of scissors 1 piece of toothed collet 6 pieces of silk thread 1 piece of scalpel (no:21) 1 piece of dental hec. flap&suture training pad (with 7 different color options) 1 plastic suture stand (30cm x 30cm x 6cm) (white-black color option) 2 pieces of blue and white ligature application rope