T-Stat Retraction Paste and Bleeding Stopper

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Nexobio T Stat astringent and retraction paste

An alternative to the dental retraction cord, T Stat is an adhesive paste used for all procedures requiring gingival retraction, including impressions, seating of restorations, insertion of rubber dams and restoration of class II, III and V cavities. It is an alternative to a threading cord.

Paste Retract System15% Aluminum Chloride Topical Gigival Retraction Paste.Hemostasis and Retraction.

15% aluminum chloride paste is highly effective in controlling bleeding without staining or discoloring the surrounding tissue.Convenient administration system: ready-to-use syringes and applicable tips.Excellent handling, no crashes.Fast-acting retraction: 2 minutes

Stop all minor intraoral bleeding.Gingival retraction.– 0.9g*2syringes– Run time 2 minutes- Perfect comfort with the non-slip pull system.