Hydraulic Muffle Press for Dental Lab - Hydraulic Laboratory Press

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New Dent Dental Laboratory Hydraulic Press

Hydraulic press for dental laboratories is characterised by being visually pleasing and robust. It features the most comfortable and easy handling. It also incorporates an oleo-hydraulic system that ensures that the oil does not leak out of the chamber.

All the parts of the press, which are susceptible to wear and tear, are made of hardened and ground steel and are finished with epoxy paint. In addition, it contains springs for recovering the lower plate, ideal for the instrument to be always in position for use.

Finally, it has a width between the columns and the diameter of the lower plate, which allows the muffles to be inserted and removed with the flange, without the need to use the spindle. In this way, the professional saves time and gains in convenience.

Features of the Hydraulic Press:

  • Rugged and visually pleasing press.
  • It is characterised by its simple and comfortable use.
  • It incorporates recovery springs for the lower plate so that it is always in the ready-to-use position.
  • It features an oleo-hydraulic system so that the oil does not escape from the chamber.
  • Parts subject to wear and tear are made of hardened steel and ground and finished in epoxy paint.
  • The width of the muffle allows you to insert and remove the muffle with the flange, saving time.

Technical Specifications of the Hydraulic Press:

  • Height (low spindle): 510 mm.
  • Width: 225 mm. Depth (without lever): 230 mm.
  • Height: 235 mm.
  • Width: 140 mm.
  • Weight: 20 kg.
  • Maximum piston stroke: 25 mm.
  • Maximum power allowed: 15200 kg = 400 kg/cm2.
  • Maximum recommended power: 9500 kg = 250 kg/cm2.