Variotime Dynamix Monophase 2x380ml

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Kulzer Variotime Dynamix Monophase Refill

Variotime is an innovative A-silicone combining outstanding precision and process-oriented adaptability for excellent impression as the base for precise-fitting prosthetics.

The Dynamix System

Precise at the push of a button
Practical cartridges and a functional mixer are perfectly matched in this well thought-out system featuring all the advantages of automatic mixing for impression materials, above all: time savings, simple handling and a consistent, void-free mixture. Together with the consistency of the material, this is the foundation for precise results.

Variotime Dynamix System
Easy, reliable and efficient handling

-Quick mixing and precise dispensing
-Savings in time and materials
-Selectable velocities for loading trays and syringes
-Automatic propulsion and reverse drive of plungers at the press of a button
-Clearly marked functional elements

Reliable in quality and precision

-Homogeneously and void-free mixed impression materials leading to precisely fitting prosthetic restorations
-Reproducible material properties
-Consistent quality of mix, independent of operator, for consistent precision of fit

Relaxed working at the highest level.
Take precise impressions using any of the techniques.
Variotime combines clinically relevant physical properties with flexible working times. Balanced precision and flexibility, including a wide range of indications.

Variotime Dynamix Monophase Refill:

- Balanced final hardness - stability for precision of impression and ease of removal
- Disctinct thixotropy

Suitable as tray material and for syringing around the preparation.

- Available in the Dynamix cartridge for dynamic mixing and as automix cartridge.
Suitable for : Monophase impressions.

Kulzer Variotime Dynamix Monophase Refill 2 x 380 ml