Charisma Classic Universal Microglass Hybrid Composite & 1 Pcs Universal Bond

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Charisma Classic is a light curing, radio-opaque microhybrid composite (Microglass II). It ​is indicated for adhesively bonded, tooth coloured restorations. It is suitable ​for anterior and posterior applications.

Charisma Classic is ​the very first composite to offer the second generation of Microglass filler ​technology. We developed this new and enhanced technology in close cooperation ​with practitioners worldwide to meet your requirements for composite ​workability and natural brilliance. Single-shade layering techniques have never ​been this easy.


·Charisma Classic is based on a BIS-GMA matrix and contains approximately ​61% fi ller by volume, with 60% inorganic fi ller by volume and a particle size ​of 0.00510 m

·Barium Aluminium Fluoride glass

·Pre-polymerized filler

With MicroglassII effect

As all refractive ​indices of our matrix and filler system have been optimally aligned, the new ​filler technology offers an intrinsic shade brilliance and increased colour ​adaption of up to 56%. For you that means:

·Easy single-shade layering techniques and more natural restorations

·Convenient shade selection and matching

·Easier masking of discolorations

Easy handling

Due to its creamy ​consistency Charisma Classic allows easy and fast modeling. And it comes with ​excellent finishing and polishing properties that facilitate a high surface ​lustre. In addition, the easy shade range permits a convenient shade selection ​and matching.

What is the MicroglassII effect

Conventional ​composites often include highly dispersive Silicon dioxide (SiO2) to prevent ​sedimentation of fillers. But this usually leads to an extremely high ​refractive variance and a milky appearance of the restoration. That is why good ​colour adaption and a natural look are much more difficult to achieve with ​those composites.

Charisma Classic ​contains approximately 61 % filler by volume with Barium Aluminium Fluoride ​glass. The new MicroglassII filler technology does not need any pyrogenic SiO2 ​anymore and therefore offers an intrinsic shade brilliance and increased colour ​adaption of up to 56 %. All refractive indices of our matrix and filler system ​have been optimally aligned. Colour pigments ensure an intensified shade ​brilliance. The result: What you see is what you get!


Benefits of the MicroglassII effect.

Easy single-shade layering techniques and more natural restorations:

Theres a lot to gain ​from our second generation filler technology. The MicroglassII effect has ​brought colour adaption to the next level. With Charisma Classic, you will ​experience a high shade brilliance. Getting the result that you want within the ​first layer has never been this easy.

Convenient shade selection and match:

harisma Classic offers ​an easy shade range which contains the standard VITA shades and more intense ​opaque shades to easily mask discolorations. The shade guide consists of the ​Charisma Classic original material and not of acrylic. This assures colour fidelity ​between the shade taken and the restoration. Thanks to MicroglassII, what you ​see is what you get!

Mask discolorations more easily:

More intense opaque ​shades allow easy masking of discolored teeth as well as amalgam tattoos and ​the use in smaller cavities. This, too, is made possible by the MicroglassII ​technology.

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