Tooth Mousse Topical Cream 40 Gr - Melon

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Tooth Mousse Dental Protective Tropical Cream
Gc Tooth Mousse

A water-based, sugar-free, dental protective topical cream containing casein phosphopeptide and amorphous calcium phosphate.

• In cases where oral hygiene cannot be provided, in order to provide mineral balance in the mouth due to dry mouth and increase salivary secretion,
• Teeth whitening, calculus cleaning, root surface arrangement, curettage, etc. After the procedures, in order to maintain the mineral balance and reduce the sensitivity that will occur,
• In order to prevent sensitization of dentin after crown bridge preparations,
• In order to make the opacity of newly formed white spots on the teeth transparent,
• Sensitivities due to the deterioration of intraoral calcium balance in pregnant women,
• To prevent micro-abrasion during orthodontic treatment,
• As a caries preventative in children.

• It is applied to the enamel of the tooth with the help of cotton pellets or fingers. It is absorbed in about two minutes.
• For therapeutic use, it should be used 1-2/days after brushing the teeth regularly.
• It is not recommended to eat or drink anything for 30 minutes after use.
• It should not be used in people who are allergic to milk protein.

• In 1.40 gr tubes (Melon, Vanilla, Strawberry, Tutti frutti, Mint)