G-Cem Linkforce Refill A2 - Adhesive Resin Cement

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G-Cem Linkforce Refill A2

Dual Cure Adhesive Resin Cement

G-CEM LinkForce is a dual cure adhesive resin cement for cementation of all types of indirect restorations.

Strong, aesthetic, universal solution for all adhesive cementation

The ideal cement for use with all milling blocks including CERASMART® Universal

Four colors available in both cement and trial paste: A2, Bleach, Opaque and Translucent

Excellent color stability and easy cleaning

G-CEM LinkForce Cement can be used as a backup or as part of a system with multiple products:


G-CEM LinkForce® Resin Cement

G-CEM® Try-In Paste

G-Premio BOND™

G-Premio BOND™ Dual Therapy Activator (DCA)


G-Premio BOND™

Single-bottle MDP-based universal bond for increased durability in all preparations:

Threading the structure in self-etching, selective etching, and total etching modes

Adhesion to metal and resin core

Light cure or double cure option


One-bottle MDP-based primer for increased durability on all restorations:

Composites, hybrid ceramics, ceramics, zirconia, alumina, precious and precious metals, fiberglass poles

G-CEM LinkForce®

One cement for all indications, all restorations:

Ceramics, hybrid ceramics, metal / PFM, zirconia, posts, lithium disilicate (e.max), veneers, veneers and veneers, crowns and bridges

Incredible tensile strength, bending strength and aesthetics

G-Premio BOND™ Dual Therapy Activator (DCA)

Efficient self-treatment mode option

Provides secure adhesion in all situations with one system: three main elements

G-Premio BOND™ - Connecting to ALL Preparations

G-Multi PRIMER™ - Primer for ALL Restorations

G-CEM LinkForce® - Power on ALL Gauges

Light therapy, Double therapy: the choice is yours!

Effective light curing from both adhesion and cement

Efficient self-cure mode and option to use G-Premio BOND™ Dual Cure Activator

High aesthetic quality and color stability

Aesthetic and stable solution

Color stability over time

tooth-like fluorescence

Four colors to meet all needs