EverX BulkFill Posterior Composite - Fiber Reinforced Composite 15x0.25 mg

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 GC Dental - EverX BulkFill Posterior Composite - 15x0.25 mg

GC EverX Posterior is a fiber-reinforced composite designed to replace dentin.
EverX Posterior's short fibers form the perfect foundation to support any composite restoration in large cavities.
Thanks to its unique properties, Evex Posterior opens up new possibilities for the restoration of large cavities at the bedside and has been the answer for the economical restoration of large cavities.
Features and Advantages:

- Short fibers prevent the formation of fractures in the restoration and tooth and the progression of fractures.

- It has unmatched durability thanks to its fracture resistance equal to dentine and almost twice that of other composites.

- Minimal horizontal shrinkage (fibres reduce shrinkage according to their orientation).

- It can be applied in layers of 4-5 mm.

- Reliably bonds to both the overlying composite and the dental tissue.

Packaging: 15 x 0.16ml (0.25gr) syringe