Essentia Composite Set Campaign

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Essentia Composite Set Campaign
Light-cured radiopaque universal composite restorative
After years of development, based on the experience of top esthetic clinicians, GC initiates a paradigm shift in restorative dentistry with an innovative and bold concept of shadow.
Essentia represents the pure essence of the composite sheet. With just seven syringes, you have the perfect aesthetic solution for all your restorations.
Traditional shade systems are based on different hues known as A, B, C, and D. However, it is known that enamel and dentin have different properties that can change over time, not only in color, but also more transparent. .
By breaking away from traditional monochrome hues and focusing on reproducing the aging characteristics of enamel and dentin, you can achieve a much more natural result in just two simple layers.
Explore 6 options to cover all your clinical cases.
Anterior: adjust your layer according to the patient's age

Whitening or Junior restorations: Light Dentin and Light Enamel

Young patients: Medium Dentin and Light Enamel

Adult teeth: Medium Dentin and Dark Enamel

Top teeth: Dark Dentin and Dark Enamel

Posterior: choose between natural duo layering or simple mono-shade restoration

Dark Dentin is layered with Light Enamel to mimic natural posterior teeth

In many cases, simply using Universal will produce a very good aesthetic result.

Intuitive shadow concept, bold and simple:

Seven colors to solve all clinical cases!

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Different combinations of Dentin & Enamel shades bring natural optical behavior for beautiful results

Dentin shades are opaque enough: no need to use an extra opaque color to mask the priming line

Essentia offers optimal handling and optical properties in all situations:

Dentins: soft for easy shaping and perfect shade adaptation

Enamels: slightly more compact and guarantee a perfect shine.

Universal: Packable for easy application on the back area

Masking Primer: injectable and very opaque, perfect for deep colorless cavities

Essentia simplifies the polishing procedure with just a few steps to achieve long-lasting shine

4 modifiers (3 spots and 1 Opalescent shade) offer the possibility to further characterize the restoration.

Essentia Starter Kit Campaign Content

• 1 syringe of 7 per shade: LD; MD; GG; LE; ALSO; Sleep; ML

• 20 Dispensing Tips

• Accessories

1 Piece G-Premio Bond

1 Piece Modeling Liquid

1 Piece Brush