Equia Forte HT Refill Pack - Bulk fill Restorative - 50 Capsules

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GC Dental - Equia Forte HT Refil - 50 Capsules - Bulk Fill Glass Hybrid Restorative System

EQUIA Forte HT is a new and innovative member of GC's Glass Hybrid family. A restoration system designed to offer you a unique long-term solution for your posterior restorations.
**Class I restorations
**Stress bearing Class II restorations (see technical manual for recommended cavity preparations)
**Stress-free Class II restorations moderate restorative
**Class V and root surface restorations
core build
**Amalagam alternatives
**MIH restorative solution
**Unique Glass Hybrid Technology Glass Hybrid Technology
its uniqueness lies in:
**Using different size filler particles
**Distribution and interaction of smart particles in the filling matrix
**Combining filler material with protective multifunctional monomer coating
**Superior cast filling material for Class I and II restorations*
**High molecular weight polyacrylic acid in the filler makes the cement matrix stronger and more chemically stable
**EQUIA Forte Coat fillers increase surface hardness and wear Resistance easy to use
**Moisture resistant, no rubber busbar required
*Long working time and short setting time make the total procedure from application to coating just 3'25”.
**Small particles that act as a lubricant for easy contouring and non-Sticky use
No conditioning or bonding required with internal chemical adhesion capacity and exceptional wettability
The use of refractive index particles and fillers reflect more light into the eye and give greater transparency
Your posterior restoration is more natural and aesthetic with EQUIA Forte HT
Packaging :
50 Capsules Equia Forte Ht