Fgm Whiteness HP Whitening Campaign - in Office Dental Whitening

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Fgm Whiteness HP Office Whitening Campaign

Office type whitening product for vital and nonvital teeth containing 35% Hydrogen Peroxide.
Since the water rate is high, it does not cause sensitivity after bleaching (30%. Whiteness HP performs the whitening process without the use of light).
Neutral Ph level prevents demineralization of enamel.
Since the peroxide and the thickener can be mixed at the time of use and as needed, the product can be stored until the expiration date.
Since it does not require a cold chain, there is no risk of deterioration of the product during transfer.
Its consistency provides ease of application, it does not flow from the surface of the teeth. There is a neutralizer in the kit (therapeutic solution in case of accidental contact of hydrogen peroxide with tissue).
Whole Kit is for 3 patients (Full mandible and maxillary applications). For the smile line, 5 patients can be used in a total of 20 teeth applications.
Packaging shape:
Contains 35% Hydrogen Peroxide,
1x10 g H.Peroxide, 1x5 g Thinner,
1x10 g Sodium Bicarbonate,
1x3 g Topdam (gum protector)
1 mixing bowl,
1 spatula
Home Type Whitness Perfect Teeth Whitening Gift