Extra Creamy Opaker Liquid 50 ml

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Extra Creamy Opaker Liquid 50 ml

Usage Area:

  • Purpose: It is the special working liquid of opaker powder in porcelain crown bridge works. It stands out with its ability to turn opaker powders into a perfect creamy opaker form, providing ease of application, homogeneous layer formation, and fast application.


  • Thanks to the binding mediums in its formulation, it ensures continuity during application, allowing the formation of a homogeneous opaker layer without causing openings and foams.
  • Even under vibration, it does not flow, preventing the opaker from flowing into the collar part and preventing the corners of the crowns from opening.
  • It does not have a negative effect on opaker colors after sintering.
  • After sintering, it provides the formation of a perfect velvety opaker surface.
  • Compatible with every brand of porcelain opaker.
  • It offers practical use convenience by creating powder-liquid mixture in small jars as ready-prepared.
  • It maintains the mixture consistency for a long time without causing viscosity changes in a short time.
  • Due to its specific density, it is essential to follow the given program to achieve the best result.

Usage and Recommendations:

  • Create your powder-liquid mixture on a glass or porcelain slab.
  • Try to achieve the spreadable thickest consistency.
  • After creating the mixture, draw a line in the middle with a spatula.
  • If the line does not merge, you have achieved the right consistency.
  • If desired, you can prepare your mixtures in small jars or multiple slabs according to their colors and keep them as ready-prepared for use as needed.
  • Always follow the given firing program after application.

Starting Temperature: 450°C

Pre-Drying Time: 4 min

Vacuum Start: 450°C

Vacuum Finish: Equivalent to Max temperature

Packaging: 50 ml