Effect Zone - Colorful Porcelain Effect Liquid 250 ml

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Effect Zone

Usage Area and Features:

  • Effect Zone is a colored modeling liquid that enables the distinction of various tones and properties of porcelain powders during stacking, providing guidance on which powder is used in which area and in what quantity.
  • It creates regional differentiations by coloring while ensuring that the used powders remain in memory even if the work is interrupted.
  • It is an ideal modeling liquid developed especially for the technique of creating mamelons.
  • Even if different colors come into contact with each other during stacking, they will not affect each other and will not mix.
  • Coloring pigments do not have a negative effect on the formation of the original colors after firing.
  • Its operation is extremely excellent, and it prevents material loss in sharp modeling with high vibration resistance.
  • With its elastic hardening property, it allows bending of the tips to the right and left.
  • Available in four colors: pastel yellow, red, blue, and green.

Packaging Shape: 250 ml