Hollywood Orthodontic Wire Round Steel

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Archwire Ebat B
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Stainless Steel Archwire Rectangular

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Hollywood Archwire - Stainless Steel

Hollywood Arches have been designed to develop the bicuspid area and to deliver bicuspid prominence, creating a beautiful Hollywood smile! These archwires have the broadest archform transversely in the bicuspid area. What does this archform deliver? It eliminates the triangular dark corridors in your patient’s smile. 

Originally designed for use with the Series 2000 appliances and for those doctors looking to get fuller expression from self-ligating bracket systems. When using these archwire after the Series 2000 appliances, you will notice these archwires will maintain the dimension gained by the appliances and allow you to develop the dental and facial esthetics to a whole new level!

Recent modifications extended the length of archwire allowing helical and other types of closed loop configurations to be made easily. The additional archwire length also allows for the wire to reach into the second molar bracket with cinch back activation.