DiaTemp Light-Cured Temporary Restorative Material 3*3 g

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DiaTemp is a high-viscosity light-cured restorative material for temporary and intermediate restorations for inlays and onlays. It can also be used to reline prefabricated crowns and bridges or to seal implant screw channels.
Temporary and intermediate restorations for inlays and onlays
Relining of prefabricated crowns and bridges
Sealing of implant screw access openings
Easy application: Convenient syringe dispense system with no mixing required
Elastic and easy to handle
Quick and simple removal in one piece
High wear resistance with superior mechanical strength
Sets fast with outstanding adhesion
Odorless to ensure patient comfort
Available in two colors: Yellow is ideal for anterior teeth and Blue is ideal for posterior teeth
Good transparency: close to natural teeth color (yellow)
#A2003-1101 BLUE DiaTemp
Contains: 3 x 3g syringes
#A2003-1201 YELLOW DiaTemp
Contains: 3 x 3g syringes