Nitibrush Peri-Implantitis Bur Refill Pocket

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Nitibrush Peri-Implantitis Bur Refill


Dentkonsept Nitibrush Peri-Implantitis Bur Refill Pocket

1. Special Hand Tool? No, you can use it with the handpiece available in your clinic.

2. RPM? Start with 300-500 RPM. Depending on the situation, you can work between 800-1200 RPM (ICT - Infected Implant Removal

As you learn the Technique, you can increase the RPM in your later use).

3. Water Irrigation? Since NiTiBrush consists of very thin wires, adequate irrigation should be done.

4. Sterilization? NiTiBrush is not sterile. You need to sterilize at 134℃ for 15 minutes.

5. Reuse? NiTiBrush is disposable.

6. Material? Nickel Titanium alloy used in orthodontic treatments and surgical implants since the 1970s.

7. Tel? Each wire diameter is 0.09mm and there are about 40 wires in a NiTbrush.

8. Certificate? It is CE, FDA and Japanese FDA certified.

9. Storage? Store at room temperature without exposing to sunlight. Do not store in humid environments.

 Protect from impact and deformation. Otherwise, you will cause breakage in NiTiBrush.

 Tetracycline and citric acid treatment with ICT technique will be beneficial for both detoxification and obtaining better results.

     (For example, ICT technique for 3 minutes after the application of 250 mg tetracycline in 2.5 cc warm water or citric acid with Ph=1)

Packing: There is 1 piece of Asorti Niti brush