Rubberdam Clamp Mini Kit

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Every tool from RUBBER-DAM SET is also available separately:

  • Rubber dam punch with the function of adjusting the hole diameter
  • Rubber dam forceps for clamps placement with the opening degree resistance
  • Profiled rubber dam frames available in 3 sizes:
    • L – 14 × 14,5 cm
    • M – 11×11 cm
    • S – 9×9 cm
  • The set of high elasticity clamps winged and wingless with excellent shape memory, which help to stabilize rubber dam on the tooth (also available in satin version).

• Flat jaws for small lower molars (No 3).
• Festooned wings for large upper molars. Wings fit the gum curvature (No 5).
• Festooned jaws for molar’s roots (No W8A).
• Serrated jaws for lower right and upper left molars (No12A).
• Serrated jaws for lower left and upper right molars (No 13A).
• Small and large jaw for anteriors (No 210).
• Flat jaws for anteriors (No 212).
• Rounded jaws for premolars (No 27).
• Rounded and at jaws for premolars (No 29).
• Small jaws and high bow for anteriors and premolars (No 00)

• Wings, flat and large jaws for premolars (No 2A).
• Festooned wings, flat jaws for large premolars (No 208).

  • Base for clamps