Exacto Fiber Post Refill

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Product description :

Glass fiber post in conical form used to support restorations and crowns. It has high fiber content. (80% glass fiber, 20% epoxy resin by weight) Provides better adaptation to canals (incisors and canines) with its wide taper. It has a modulus of elasticity close to dentin. It has a standard drill. Full adaptation to the channel is achieved without loss of material. It is radio opaque, giving excellent radiographic images. It is easy to disassemble.

Product                                         PACKAGING 

Exacto Kit 1                                  5 posts - (5 posts 1, 2 and 3 each), 3 calibrated drills, 1 ruler for X-Ray measurement
Exacto - Trial Kit 1                       5 pcs of 1.1 mm diameter posts and 1 bur No. 1
Exacto - Trial Kit 2                       5 1.3 mm diameter posts and 1 bur number 2
Exacto - Trial Kit 3                       5 pieces of 1.5 mm diameter posts and 1 piece of No. 3 bur
Exacto - Single 1                           5 pcs of 1.1 mm diameter posts
Exacto - Single 2                            5 posts 1.3 mm in diameter
Exacto - Single 3                            5 posts with a diameter of 1.5 mm