Dental Collagene Membrane - 25*25 mm - 6 Pieces

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It completes its resorption within 80 days.

It provides easy adaptation by sticking to the surrounding tissues.

The micro-roughness on the surface ensures that the membrane remains stable without squeezing it.

ACTYCOLL® is a reabsorbable membrane for tissue restructuring.

Optimal barrier effect Hydroxilapatite, Natural Bone Minerals etc. It provides the opportunity to be used successfully with biomaterials such as

ACTYCOLL® is hypoallergic lyophilized collagen that acts as a barrier.

ACTYCOLL® Gamma rays sterilized, packed in double envelopes, its safety and sterilization are guaranteed.

The micro roughness on its surface allows the membrane to be attached to the tissue with adhesion without suturing.

The membrane, which is removed with a dry surgical tool and pressed with dry gauze, takes the shape of the surrounding tissue and adheres.

ACTYCOLL® should be applied on top of hydroxylapatite to prevent penetration of connective tissue.


It is rectangular in size, 20 mm x 30 mm.

usage areas

For Guided Tissue Regeneration in Implantology.

To prevent bone defects in extraction sites.

For surgical procedures in periodontology.


Each box consists of 6 membranes and each membrane is individually packed.