Relyx U200 Clicker Resin Cement - Self Adhesive Cement

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3M Espe - Relyx U200 Clicker Resin Cement - Self-Adhesive, Dual-Cure Universal Resin Cement


RelyX Unicem is the form of self-adhesive universal resin cement in capsule form in "clicker" packaging.
It polymerizes both by itself and by light.
Eliminates pickling, priming, bonding steps.
It greatly reduces the risk of post-operative sensitivity.
It is strong, aesthetic, moisture tolerant.
It is used in cementation of crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays and posts.
It provides high bonding to metals, porcelains, ceramics, reinforced core ceramic systems, composite and reinforced polymers, all CAD/CAM block materials.
Improved bond strength and resistance to enamel and dentin,
strong, aesthetic,
Optimum fluidity and easy mixing.


The tooth surface is washed and cleaned. Do not over-dry!
Extruded on RelyX U 200 mixing paper. 2 doses are sufficient for most restorations.
A homogeneous mixture is obtained by mixing the pastes.
It is placed in the mouth by applying it to the cavity or restoration.
Excesses are cleaned by applying light for a few seconds.
The polymerization is completed by applying light to all surfaces for 20 seconds.
The self-polymerization time is 6 minutes.