Ketac Cem Easymix Triple Pack - Glass Ionomer Adhesive Cement in Granular Form

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  3M Espe Ketac Cem Easymix Triple Pack

 Glass Ionomer Adhesive Cement in Granular Form



It is used in crown-bridge cementation, inlay-onlay cementation, cementation of pins and screws and orthodontic applications.
It is used as base material.
Thanks to its granular powder form, mixing becomes easier and a homogeneous, creamy consistency is achieved.
Thanks to its granular structure, there is no need to shake before use.
Since clustering does not occur, the dosing spoon is filled with the same amount of powder each time, ensuring precision in dosing




No dust is formed during unboiling and mixing.
It secretes fluorine.
It has a very low film thickness. In this way, the success in the harmony of crowns and bridges with the tooth increases.
It is radiopaque.
Working time including mixing 3:30 min.
Freezing time: 3:30 min.
Total time: 7:00 min.